So here we are,, staying home ‘cause downtown San Diego is crowded with Comic Con once again  Ya know, those people are downright “WEIRD”.   But then, exactly as the way it is intended.  The nice thing about San Diego are the numbers of ‘things to do’ while these people are showing off their costumes.  To keep this short I’ll mention a couple and you see if any fit your life and style as different and attractive.  So,  Let’s see……

How about the Beach?  Oh sure, but a lot of people from the hot desert are crowding them.  True but have you gone to Pacific Beach, known as PB to ride one of those 2-wheeled Segways?  Now there is a real ride around the entire watershed area north of all the people downtown or go up to the hill with the cross on it to view the city and ocean.  Don’t forget there is the National Cabrillo National Monument to see too and ‘what a view of San Diego. What thrills they both are (remember your camera and smile for the selfie).

OK, you don’t want to spend any money, which brings up the place where the people go when they forget their swimsuit called “Black’s Beach.”  Right above that on the cliffs north of La Jolla is the airport for Paragliding.  Here again, buy a flight or just sit there in awe and wonder “how they do that”.  They are on national TV when the golfers play at LaJolla.

There are many things to do right now if you just look and ‘here’ on the San Diego version of The Local Tourist you will find them.  Such things upcoming include an October event if you love airplanes for the annual Marine/Navy Airshow at Miramar.  More on that later.  

You can also go Scuba diving, snorkeling, Balboa Park Museums or if you feel  you must, then there’s Legoland, Sea World, Zoo/Safari Parks or walk on the beaches plus watching the costumed nuts at the convention center or like me, go cycling.  Beautiful day for it, everyday.  

My first time in here so be patient with me for getting enthusiastic about the best kept secrets of Southern California and I’ll see if the door isn’t locked upon my return.  Just tell the boss you want to hear more & that “Poorboy” would like a key to get in to giveaway the store of nice places to go, in detail.